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Pay attention to the full clarity picture providedThe placement, number, type, and color of internal and external flaws will be indicated on a Tiffany 1837 bracelets grading report, may include a plotting, d diagram showing all the details. Be sure you carefully note all the details in addition to the cumulative grade. Remember, the placement of imperfections can affect value.A reliable diamond grading report cannot be issued on a fracture-filled diamond, so GIA and most other labs will not issue a report on diamonds that have been clarity enhanced by this method. The diamond will be returned with a notation that it is filled and cannot be graded.

Body piercing has seen an explosion in popularity over the past few years. This in turn has lead to a huge increase in the range of body jewellery available, both in style and in materials.It wasn't long ago that surgical steel jewellery was the 'norm' for body piercings with a small amount of silver and gold jewellery available for healed piercings.

Gold is only ever suitable for completely healed piercings (i.e. usually 6 months+ after the piercing and no weeping or discharge) due to the very high level of impurities most gold carries. Organic materials such as wood, horn and bone should only be used for healed piercings simply because they can carry contaminants and are very difficult to sterilise fully.As a final word of advice, as with all things body piercing related - if in doubt consult your piercer.

But the key to their usefulness is proper understanding of how to read them, and how to look at the stone. Those who take the time to learn and understand what they are reading and, therefore, what they are really buying, will have a major advantage over those who do not.

Reports are issued on diamonds that have been clarity enhanced by laser.  Remember, however, that no matter what the clarity grade, a lasered diamond should not cost less than another with the same grade.A final word about diamond reportsDiamond grading reports provide a very useful tool to aid in comparing Top quality tiffany 1837 and evaluating quality and value.

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A reliable diamond

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