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Black diamond rings are certainly not customary or widely used, and many people may never never seen or heard of them. Their rarity and obscurity adds to their value, and can cause some people to put a high value on them. Other diamonds may be more popular, but there is something special and unique about black diamond rings that continues to spark the interest of many people.

Though black diamond rings certainly don't look "normal" by any stretch of the imagination, they have a unique and beautiful look all their own. Black diamond rings are extremely rare, and difficult to come by. This makes some people want them even more, and can make finding one that much more difficult. Though black diamonds look different, they are equally as strong as diamonds of other colors. These diamonds are mostly mined in South America, and there is an especially high industry for them in the country of Brazil. Those looking to purchase black diamond rings should be prepared to pay a fairly steep price for such a rare and beautiful piece of jewelery.

Black diamond rings have a wide range of meaning and symbolism in different cultures throughout history. For example, Indians viewed black diamond rings as a bad sign, and thought that the black diamond looked like the eyes of wild and dangerous animals. They put such a negative feeling toward black diamonds that they decided they were a death omen, and meant sure death. On the other hand, the people of Italy thought the black diamonds were good omens, and even used them in the context of love and marriage. It was popular Italian custom to have married couples that were amidst deep disputes or considering splitting up or getting a divorce to place their skin against the stone as a method of absolving their marital problems. It was believed that their disagreements and differences would go into the stone, leaving only happiness and joy behind. This way, the couples could remain together in love and warmth.

Though black diamonds have often been seen as a stone aimed more for men, this does not mean that women cannot wear the stone. Black diamond rings and engagement rings have been created for women, as well, and as more people learn about them and grow interested in their unique look, there has been a larger market made for these unique stones. Many jewelery companies now feature special lines just for black diamond rings and other black diamond jewelry. For those looking for something different in their engagement or wedding jewelery, black diamond rings can provide just the answer, though, as mentioned, they will certainly come with a steeper price, due to their rarity. However, a black diamond ring is certainly a step away from the expected clear or yellow diamonds that are much more common. A black diamond ring will be sure to get its wearer much more attention, as people are sure to recognize the uniqueness of this beautiful and rare gem.

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Black Diamond Rings

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This article was published on 2010/10/25