Factors Responsible For Making Loose Diamonds Fiery

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Diamonds look striking only if it sparkles. Contrast and brightness are the two main components that are responsible for the brilliance of loose diamonds. Since natural diamonds are translucent, they let light pass easily through them unlike dense coloured stones such as Garnet or Sapphire. The light that is emitted by loose diamonds can be categorized as Fire, Scintillation and Brilliance. Fire otherwise known as dispersion is produced when light that penetrated a diamond emerges out in the form of coloured light comprising of rainbow colours.  Scintillation effect otherwise called as sparkles can be seen when loose diamonds are rotated or tilted under lighting conditions. It resembles the sparkles of fireworks, providing life and beauty to diamonds. Brightness or brilliance of a diamond is nothing but the white light leaked out of it. Diamonds have faces similar to a mirror that the light bounces on them producing the above effects. The type of effect produced by the stone depends on its proportions and the type of cut.  

Fire of a diamond can be affected by four main factors. They include the light entering angle, quantity of bouncing light on its interiors, quantity of light striking its corners (meeting point of its Facets) and the light exiting angle. It should be kept in mind that different types of lights have different effects on loose diamonds. For instance, Fluorescent or diffused light improves the look of the white light emitted by it and its brilliance while it thwarts the stone’s Fire or sparkle. On the other hand directional lighting effect produced by light bulbs, sunlight and spotlights are said to improve the Fire in diamonds while hindering its brilliance. Hence traditional jewellery marts have both fluorescent and directional lighting set up in their showrooms. Normally halogen lamps or spot lights are used above the cases while fluorescent lighting is done on the interiors of the display cases.

From the above details it is apparent that only quality cut diamonds can produce the desired effects. To obtain the maximum Fire, sparkle and brilliance it is wise to choose loose diamonds with Excellent, Very Good or Good GIA grading. Other aspects that need to be checked while selecting these precious stones include the Depth and Table percentages as per the guideline issued by GIA. Caution should be exercised while buying diamonds with a low diamond price tag as they might have inclusions, dirt or fluorescence causing foggy, hazy or milky appearance. Such stones are better to be avoided because such imperfections and flaws can make the diamonds appear dull, without any sparkles or brightness.

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Factors Responsible For Making Loose Diamonds Fiery

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Factors Responsible For Making Loose Diamonds Fiery

This article was published on 2013/10/24