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Natural fancy green diamonds are an extremely rare discovery and are very expensive. For this reason they are perfect for those looking for an investment. The truth is that this is the case for a lot of natural fancy colored diamonds.

Do green diamonds come in different shades?

Green diamonds can range from light pastel green which are called Fancy Light Green Diamonds, or Fancy Green Diamonds, to the rarer Intense Green and Vivid Green diamonds. Needless to say the scarcer colors are the ones investors and collectors are searching for.

In the course of a typical year there may only be a single new pure Fancy Intense Green Diamond and Vivid Green diamond discovered. A good number of green diamonds contain a yellowish tint which dilutes the greenish tinge, but even these colors are rare.

How does a diamond become green?

The green color is made by the fact that the diamond was in contact with alpha particles in uranium compounds. Quite often percolating groundwater can also be the cause this green color. The diamond needs to be surrounded by these types of elements for quite a very long time to cause the diamond to become green. This is one of the reasons the green diamonds is so uncommon.

Put simply, just about all stores will sell treated variations, so make certain to check the certificate if you want a natural green diamond to be sure that you are not buying a synthetically colored diamond. A fancy color diamond certificate always states the color origin of the diamond.

Are there famous fancy green diamonds?

The Dresden Diamond is very well-known and is a natural fancy green diamond. It is egg-shaped and has a moderate grey tinge. This stone weighs approximately 41 carats. The reason that we don't know the exact weight of the Dresden Diamond along with its measurements is due to the fact that during its gemological exam in 1988 it was not extracted from its mounting. It was feared that taking the diamond out of its setting would cause damage.

The particular diamond's history has been documented for around 250 years. It appears that it came from Golconda, India, which is where the first diamond mines were uncovered.

As stated above, because of the fact that the majority of shops do not own a natural green diamond because of its rarity, if you are paying for a natural diamond then ensure you check the certificate. Green diamonds, obviously, would make an excellent surprise for the person you love.
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Green Diamonds

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This article was published on 2010/11/04