How diamond stud earrings for Women make beautiful ears to sparkle?

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Diamond studs are glittering and beautiful, the kind of the jewelry that makes a big impact in spite of being small. Classic and chic, they are the preferred style of earring for many women across the globe. In fact, most women who wear diamond studs rarely take them off. Choosing diamond stud earrings is really simple if you keep the following tips in mind:

The Size: Big or small is a personal choice, one that depends on your individual style. Small diamonds are usually used for everyday and daytime wear. The larger more dramatic, statement pieces are considered dressy and worn with evening wear or for a special occasion. However, do keep in mind, this is a generic observation and not a rule. One thing you must remember, when buying diamond stud earrings is that the total carat weight (TDW) refers to both earrings together. So for example, a one carat pair means that each earring is only half a carat.

The Cut: The glitter and sparkle of a diamond stud earring depends on its cut. Do a little research before you go out and buy the earrings you want. Understand the different cuts and the advantages of them. The most popular diamond cut for stud earrings is the round brilliant cut, which has 58 facets and reflects the most sparkle. Some other kinds of cuts are the princess cut, triangle cut, oval cut and emerald cut.

The Quality: Like most things in life, perfection comes at a cost. Diamonds with fewer flaws i.e. more clarity are more expensive. Some stones have flaws, which can only be seen under magnification. The rule of thumb is colorless and clear diamonds are of a better quality and will be enormously expensive.

The Price: Very few of us can actually shop without looking at the price tag. When you’re buying diamond stud earrings, it’s better to keep a range in mind than one actual figure. Know that you will always find something you love, that will be above budget. If you can’t resist, don’t regret the buy. Diamonds are after all, a girl’s best friend and meant to be enjoyed.

The Metal: White Diamond Earrings come encased in gold, platinum and yes even silver. Think about the metal that you want your diamonds in, before you set out shopping. This will give you a more focused choice.

Ethical Diamonds: Is it important to you, where the diamonds for your lovely stud earrings were sourced from? Then don’t feel shy about it. Ask the jeweler for proof that these diamonds are conflict-free diamonds. Most good jewelers will have that. Do not compromise on your principles and the diamonds you buy will seem even more beautiful.

Now that you know all that’s important to know about diamond stud earrings, go shopping with confidence. Whether you are buying them for yourself or for someone special, diamond stud earrings are a classic gift. They are timeless, eternal heirlooms, which are meant to be handed down from generation to generation.

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How diamond stud earrings for Women make beautiful ears to sparkle?

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How diamond stud earrings for Women make beautiful ears to sparkle?

This article was published on 2013/09/12