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Diamonds are perhaps one of the most beautiful of all gemstones and no amount of praise is enough to describe the inimitable beauty of these stones. As rare as they are beautiful, these gems have always enjoyed the most coveted position amongst all other gemstones. Their unparallel beauty has made them the most favorite and women simply love their timeless dazzle in every possible form of jewelry. These rocks are truly a woman's best friend and not without reason.

The most fascinating aspect of diamonds is the look of these stones. Their timeless glitter is the most drawing feature of these. But apart from its beauty a diamond is also endowed with a good number of qualities, the most important one being the hardness that these stones possess. Diamonds are the hardest minerals and rate 10 on Moh's scale.

Diamonds are a naturally occurring mineral composed of carbon. Their durable nature is due to four more carbon atoms being connected by strong covalent bonds which lends a compact and tight bonding making them the toughest natural substance. Given this virtue, diamonds are the perfect choice for a cutting tool. They also have special optical properties like high index refraction, high luster and high dispersion.

Some other usage of these gemstones that a number of people are not aware of, is in the industrial sector. In fact diamonds are widely used for industrial purposes. Diamonds are mostly used for grinding, cutting, drilling and polishing purposes. Their excellent hardness plus their heat conductive nature lends them an edge over others.

Although diamonds have immense industrial use, we can't help but mention that they truly belong to jewelry and to the business of beautifying women across the globe and throughout the centuries. And that is exactly what these brilliant pieces of gems have been doing and that is what makes them so very popular.

Diamond jewelry in every possible form looks gorgeous. Whether it is diamond rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets or charms, diamond jewelry of every kind is beautiful. Besides the wide variety and selection of diamond jewelry that is available gives one ample options to choose from depending on one's personal preference as well as budget.

While one can very easily fall in love with diamond jewelry it is important to know about the characteristics of the stone before buying one. The four C's namely cut, color, clarity and carat that determine the quality of this stone should be understood before making the buy. Since diamonds are so impossibly stunning you will easily get carried away but the knowledge of the stone will help you make the right pick.

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Properties of Diamond

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This article was published on 2010/11/18