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It is nice to do some homework before buying the jewellery, and we should become aware of the quality of the jewellery before taking the final decision. Here, we provide you with an outline on diamond studs briefly to help your shopping with diamond studs. There are a number of reasons why people wear jewellery like currency, storage, wealth display, symbolism, artistic display etc. Diamond jewellery, till some years back, was mostly used in the engagement rings, but today this jewellery is gaining popularity tremendously and we see it in different forms like diamond stud earrings etc.

Diamond stud earrings are popular with both sexes; when worn they are attached to the ear. The design varies from small loops to large plates. You don't have to have your ear pierced necessarily to wear these studs; there are also varieties available of clip-on stud earrings.

Diamonds are more expensive than silver or gold jewellery. But the desire to have diamond jewellery makes people look out for some cheap diamond studs, which are affordable. If you happen to look for a pair of cheap diamond studs or earrings, then it is not an easy job. It can be complicated to buy diamonds; one should ideally know that it is 4 ‘c's that reflect the value of a diamond. The quality of a good diamond is evaluated on the basis of these 4 ‘c's; what are these 4 ‘c's? These four ‘c's are clarity, cut, colour and carat.

The carat is a unit used in evaluating different gems, pearls, and stones etc, and it is one of the most important factors that determine the price of the diamond studs. Cut quality determines the full beauty of the diamond; the finer the cutting and polishing of a diamond, the expensive its price would be. A finely cut diamond would reflect bright and a poor cut diamond would be dull. Clarity is more or less an internal characteristic of the diamond; we see that most of the diamonds appear to be colourless.

When you go for buying a piece of diamond jewellery, one thing which is imperative is certification. It is extremely important that the company is 100% certified; there are many cases where people ended up buying an imitation diamond in the price of a real diamond.

It is also every important to take proper care of your diamond jewellery, for making it shine forever.

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The Diamonds

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This article was published on 2010/12/11